Langenhagen, Germany,

Konica Minolta provides support in the development of the Qabel encryption platform

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe (Konica Minolta) intensifies its search for new security solutions that offer customers the highest possible levels of data security in digital and paper-based communication. In this context, Konica Minolta supports the development of the Qabel cryptography platform. This solution ensures that information is encrypted end-to-end in the background, so that the user can securely store and forward data. Qabel will present the beta version at the CeBIT trade fair.

In a world in which the edge on information is crucial, data security plays a pivotal role – for digital and paper-based data alike, because security risks are often neglected in the printing sector. “Data security is our absolute top priority”, explains Mike Hahm, Team Manager Business Development, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe. “That is why we provide support in the development of new security solutions, such as with the Qabel software platform. With it, our customers have the opportunity of working and printing far more securely.”

Encryption from upload to download
Qabel is a cryptography platform that enables the user to encrypt all his digital communication end-to-end, easily and at all times. In addition, Qabel ensures that metadata is concealed to the greatest possible extent.Individual applications such as e-mail, messaging, social media address books, file sharing, document management, storage servers, social networks and online banking can run on the platform. Across all the applications, users then only have to take care to ensure the encryption once. Thereupon they can exchange end-to-end encrypted data within the applications that are integrated with the platform.

Qabel is currently in its beta stage: “Encrypted communication works only if both parties use it. Therefore a high level of acceptance is an essential prerequisite for the success of Qabel as a platform. That’s why we are quite delighted to have Konica Minolta on board with us as a pilot customer”, says Peter Leppelt, Managing Director of Qabel Gmbh.

Discover Konica Minolta and Qabel at the CeBIT
During the CeBIT (14-18 March 2016), visitors will have the first-time opportunity of testing Qabel as a download in the smart cloud services area. At the same time, Konica Minolta is working hard to integrate the Qabel technology into the already existing cloud solutions of Konica Minolta, so that the customers can be guaranteed a maximum degree of security there as well.


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