Networks to cloud nine – Konica Minolta exhibits at the Science Festival of Genoa


From 26th October to 5th November, within the course of the Genoa Science Festival, Konica Minolta will present an exhibition entitled ‘Networks to cloud nine’, a project from Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe focusing on the creation of a computing platform for the management of complex distributed robotic systems and big data management.

Not everyone knows that citizen science, that is the public participation in scientific research, plays a fundamental role for the successful development of astrophysics today. With a network distributed throughout many locations on the Earth, minor observatories, small robotic telescopes and amateur astronomers can support the monitoring of astronomical phenomena that are usually begun by large spatial and terrestrial telescopes.

This is why at the Festival della Scienza 2017 in Genoa, the Telescope Connect project by Konica Minolta Laboratoy Europe will be presented under the banner ‘Networks to cloud nine’, for the first time with its computing platforms and distributed robotic networks, through the experience of a multimedia journey that will allow us to discover together the many fascinating phenomena within our Universe.

Konica Minolta’s exhibition in the Science Festival of Genoa

The Genoa Science Festival is an international event dedicated to science having its 15th anniversary this year; with more than 200,000 visitors in 2016, it is one of the most renowned festivals in Italy for communication of scientific and technical topics with more than 300 events geographically distributed in the city.

The hosted country for 2017 is Japan to which a set of dedicated exhibitions and events will be organised in collaboration with Nikon, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The main theme for all the events in programme is the concept of ‘Contact’: putting together different disciplines, science and society, cultures and people is the only way to which innovation and scientific progress can be achieved.

From connected telescopes to AI and distributed intelligence

Dennis Curry, Executive Director and Deputy CTP Global R&D, Konica Minolta
At Konica Minolta we’re exploring ways to develop a type of operating system that is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). This system, that we call Cognitive Hub, will be able to orchestrate several distributed intelligence devices and to manage complexity to help people and organisations to derive greater benefit from their data and resources.
Dennis Curry, Executive Director and Deputy CTP Global R&D, Konica Minolta

AI can provide an answer to many of the new emerging human necessities and within the project Telescope Connect, Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe has started to focus on some of the elements related with the interaction among intelligent and connected devices as in the example of robotic telescopes.

Marco Rocchetto, R&D Engineer in Distributed Robotics, Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe
Telescope Connect is a test-bed for the study of the management of complex distributed robotic systems. Telescope Connect is a globally distributed network of robotic observatories, interconnected and orchestrated through a management platform distributed on the edge and the cloud, that Konica Minolta is developing. The design and architecture of the network has several aspects that make it a suitably generic environment to test and develop distributed intelligent networks.
Marco Rocchetto, R&D Engineer in Distributed Robotics, Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe

The exhibition ‘Networks to cloud nine’ is organised in collaboration with a group of departments from University of Genova (ORSA - Centro interdipartimentale universitario per le Osservazioni e le Ricerche in Scienze Astronomiche) and with INAF (Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica).

Towards Saturn with Cassini and squishy circuits

In addition to the interactive exhibition, Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe has organised a school laboratory on squishy circuits, during which the kids will have the chance to jump on the Cassini spacecraft and relive its grand finale, arriving on Saturn.


Elena Parodi, Scientific Dissemination Consultant for Kids Laboratory “Saturn in your hands”
Using recycled materials, LED lights and modeling dough, we will learn about space exploration and also build a spacecraft, a small Saturn and a real electric circuit. When the lights switch on, as Cassini lands on Saturn there will be a big surprise.
Elena Parodi, Scientific Dissemination Consultant for Kids Laboratory “Saturn in your hands”

Visit ‘Networks to cloud nine’ at: La Commenda di Pre, Piazza della Commenda 1 in Genova, from 25th October to 5th November. To find out more please visit:


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